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What's a Co-op?

Welcome to your electric cooperative!

It's possible that you've never before received electricity service from a company owned entirely by the people it serves.

If you have received electricity service from a co-op before, then you know what to expect: timely, courteous service, attention to your needs, the lowest possible electricity prices, a capital credits check every now and then, tips to help you spend less on electricity, friendly lineworkers, community support, and staff people who are always ready to help.

If you haven't received electricity from a co-op before, we need to talk. Cooperatives work differently from other business organizations. We aren't in it for the money.

This is a very important point. We don't make more money by treating the rich guys differently from the poor guys, or the big energy users different from the small energy users. Everybody who buys electricity from us is an owner.


Local control is tops with us

We're a not-for-profit company. Our electricity rates are set by the board members you and your fellow owners have elected. They get advice from consultants and determine how much rates have to be in order to recover both the wholesale cost of power and the distribution costs. Any additional revenues are returned to you and your fellow owners.


Come in and sit a while

You can talk with us anytime. We welcome your interest. Call the headquarters and ask to speak to someone about rates, capital credits, membership numbers, history, or anything else that comes to mind. Staff members can speak knowledgeably on all these topics and a lot more.

You own a great company. You are part of a long tradition of people who take care of themselves. That's what got this co-op started in the first place. And it's what's kept this co-op thriving for so many years. We're pleased to serve you. We hope you'll be in the neighborhood a good long while.



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